Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | February 9, 2008

Midnight Doodles

I begin here, with a collection of many moments: 1996 to maybe 2002.

Midnight Doodle

I started drawing this black and white doodle one angst-filled evening in high school. I found solace in the tiny shapes, patterns, and finality of black pen on paper. I filled only one corner, but saved the drawing, and returned to it another night. Then another. Then another. It became like a journal without words—and I only added to it when I was upset or stressed. I found balance in the intricacy of the lines, and the magic of the subject matter.

Magic. All children have the power to make magic real. This is the theme of a children’s novel I am working on right now, and it is based (as all creative expression must be) on my own experiences. Magic is whatever captures the imagination and sparkles and inspires “wow!” “Come on, believe in me,” says magic. “Ok!” kids answer.

I like to believe in things. Like when I was in first grade and some kid told me the tooth fairy wasn’t real, so I said, “yes, she is, and I’ve got the book to prove it!” Wouldn’t it be great if things were still that easy? Maybe they are. “If you believe in me, I’ll believe in you,” says the unicorn in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass.

Here are some things that made it into my artwork a lot back in high school: spirals, the color blue, nature, trees, female figures, billowy sleeves, unicorns, hands, stars, dragons, and eyes. I bet you can find all of them in this picture…


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