Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | February 10, 2008

Pirates and Baseball

Boston, Massachusettes. April 23, 2007
Waving to Sailboats

That’s my Mom, waving to a sailboat as we take a Duck Tour through Boston Harbor.

Our German exchange student’s mother was visiting, and they wanted to see Boston. Our Duck Tour guide was dressed like a Pirate, with black clothes, huge laced-up boots, and a giant floppy hat. He took off the hat, and blue hair came cascading out. Ok, it wasn’t that long, but it sure was blue.

How does a punk kid like that end up captain of a duck-shaped amphibious vehicle and expert on the history of the city of Boston? He reminded me of my cousin… who once had blue hair, but to my knowledge has never driven a duck. He would definitely dress up like a pirate, though, if he thought it would make you smile. In fact, his nickname in college was “the Dread Pirate Roberts” because of his uncanny resemblance to the Princess Bride actor.

Just for the record, this photo was taken on the day I went to my first-ever baseball game. It was the Boston Red Sox vs the Toronto Blue Jays. Steve took me—it was only my third time seeing him since I got back from Kyrgyzstan. And my first time ever seeing Fenway. I had a childhood without much exposure to sports, so I never really understood what the big deal was. But I’m definitely starting to get it now. I’ve made a lot of progress since 10th grade when I decided to read “MacBeth” instead of “The Natural.” In fact, thanks to Steve, I’ll be at the opening game of the Red Sox spring training in Florida in a few weeks.


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