Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | February 16, 2008

The Crow and The Unicorn

I just found this poem I wrote in high school.  I think this time I’ll have to paint or draw something to go along with the writing, rather than the other way around. So stay tuned…

The Crow and The Unicorn

Beneath the sun-swept rosy sky
White shifted sand in labyrinth rows
Unbroken but for ebony eyes
A Unicorn, a common crow
Watching the day give way to night.
Pure white against the dark’ning sky,
The sand and stars are softer lights
Than beast and bird and truth and lies
Says Unicorn, “I know I’m here,
I know the sun will soon appear.”
“But how? says crow, “the sun is gone,
In blood-streaked clouds I watched it drown.”
The Unicorn could trust the night
But crow was lost in doubt and fright,
“I’ll fly on ‘til I reach the dawn,
To scratch the stars and wake the sun!”
So determined away he flew,
And Unicorn, alone, just knew
When raven, sunburnt, fell back down
She would never again be found
For magic cannot wait for doubt
As the stars evaded the crow
Imagination is without
th’ability to truly know.


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