Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | February 18, 2008


Pencil on paper. Spring 1998.


Here is another poem from high school. This one won a Cricket magazine contest. 

infinity exists in a circle
i am infinity
silver, reflecting
i see the sky
i see the world
i see you
i hold infinity in my soul
it is smooth,
memories of long ago
etched on my sides
i remember light
warm and small
overcoming the darkness
i was not the light, but
carried it proudly
reflecting its brilliance
i remember hands
warm, cradling me as if
i was the light
i remember loneliness
when the light died
slowly, burning out its existence
shedding its fiery self
in teardrops down my sides.

Have you figured out what the poem is about? Here’s the story of how it came to be.

We came into sophomore English class one day, and the teacher told us all to take an object, any object, out of our backpacks. Most kids pulled out pens, calculators, or notebooks. I had a silver candlestick. Why? Because I was drawing it in art class! So then we proceeded to write poems from the point of view of the object. This poem I wrote during that 45 minute class is probably the best poetry I’ll ever be able to produce.


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