Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | May 7, 2008

Two Paintings Say Hello

Oil on board. May 7, 2008.

This was a very long, skinny painting surface, and as a result, I wound up with two sort of separate pictures sharing a space.  However, they seem to be getting along just fine so I’ll let them be.

Also, the tree on the left started out upside down (right side up?  and now it’s upside down?) because I was painting the hanging branches of a pine tree through which yellow light was shining.  Upside down, the pine boughs look like a tree out of an African safari.

This is my first abstract landscape in a long time, and I think I should try to keep moving away from direct realism.



  1. I like this little painting. I think it has a nice quiet appeal to it. If I could make one criticism (and isn’t that just what everyone one needs/wants, a little drive-by critique) I think you might want to build up a little more “painterly texture” in some of the white/light blue areas. Very nice.

  2. Excellent work, just came across the blog, goes into the blogroll 🙂

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