Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | January 18, 2009

Away Day Dance

Dutch Island, Rhode Island. August 2, 2008.


Quick, slip, kneel, flip

out of the leaves, down the vines

we run

Swing, hop, dance, stop

up the sunlit stairs

there are caves in the brambles

Scramble, scamper

and ladders to the sky

high, hasty

we built them

And who are we, running free?

Swinging, stinging, zooping, singing

Come and see, taste the trees

sip the sun and feel the breeze

it’s fun

up the stairs, the jungle stairs

duck, tuck, shrinking, blinking

small as dew and bright as day

flickering, twittering

round and round and round

we fly

zoom away, amazed, stay

sun setting, come, it’s reddening

drink the clouds and smell the leaves

wheel, steal, drift, stall

take a breath and find the door

into the caves and up the vines

hearken, darken, hide before–

the dark

we’re home



  1. Hey- you hadn’t done many poems in a while. Neat!

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