Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | August 25, 2009

Storm Approaching

Eastham, Cape Cod. Oil on paper. August 23, 2009.


I don’t love this painting, but the story behind it is worth posting. I hurried down to the beach on Sunday morning despite ominous clouds because I wanted to paint the sandbar and water around it before low tide was over. I got about fifteen minutes into the painting, and it started to drizzle. The rain wasn’t too bad, and it’s an oil painting after all, so I kept going.

Pretty soon, the rain got harder and the paint got all slippery. I decided to pack up. I wish I had a picture of how the painting looked at that point – half-finished with a covering of water droplets! I think it was a better picture than when I tried to finish it from memory an hour later…


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