Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | October 1, 2009

Wish a Cloud

near Balykchi, Kyrgyzstan. Fall 2004.


Beyond a distant star, a lonely world swirls with clouds. The planet itself is a tiny nugget of condensed  energy at the center of the vast fluffy atmosphere.


A baby cloud rises into open air, feeling the wind at its back. It is one moment old, a child of the ancient dark mass of land-cover cloud at the bottom of the many-layered atmosphere.

Where am I to go? It asks, sending swirls of itself back to its mother.

Ask too many questions, and you will dissolve or absorb before you travel even one layer, Wish. She sends back, giving the child its name.

Wish can’t help itself. Why?

Although hundreds of clouds absorb into her depths every moment and she has vast reserves of cloud-mass available for communication, she says no more.

Wish waits a longer time than is really necessary, then sends back. I will go UP!

Up towards the smooth white layers, gray storm layers, and mysterious green-blue reaches of wisps before outer space.

Wish does not know what is up there, only that it wishes to feel the different winds and absorb clouds of every color, density and shape.

A good wind comes along, and Wish twists to ride it as far as it will go.


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