Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | October 18, 2009

Still, Stilling, Stilled

Purgatory Falls, NH. January 19, 2007.


Ice crawls glistening through and through
still, stilling, stilled the gushing brook

And she paints diamonds
on every tender twig

Her brush the touch of her long, windy hair
Her paint a breath of frost from her lips

The life into still, stilling, stilled

I caught a glimpse, I saw her stare
then bound like a deer away away

Her crystal eyes, her windy hair,
shimmering into snowflakes behind

And the trees lean listening, tall and cruel
who am I to enter here?

In a flurry of sky, my footsteps erased
And I scurry like a mouse away away

Through a warm wooden door

Inside, her message on my windows,
Diamonds dancing, chill, chilling, chilled


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