Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | October 26, 2009

Ronald Nose, Private Eye Part 2


Part 1

Shae and Selena were discussing lip gloss. Apparently, strawberry-melon was the choice of the day. Ronnie made a note in his case book.

“Did you see they make new flavors with swirls and glitter?”

“Yeah! I begged my mom to get some, but she won’t unless I pass the spelling quiz,” Shae’s perfectly lip-glossed lips turned down into a frown.

“Um, do you need help in spelling?” Ronnie new as soon as he spoke that he should have kept quiet. His huge nose was definitely turning red, and both girls were staring.

“You’d help me?” Shae seemed surprised.

Ronnie considered his offer. He wasn’t the world’s best speller, but this was a chance to see Shae’s handwriting up close and personal. It was also a chance to completely humiliate himself in front of the prettiest girl in school.

“Sure. Um. During free study?”

Three hours later, Ronnie found himself sitting across from Shae at the free study desk in the back of Mrs. Stephanopolous’ classroom.

“C-R-I-S-T-A-L,” Shae spelled.

“It’s C-R-Y,” Ronnie said. “Like, don’t cry, that’s real crystal!”

Shae laughed. “You’re funny, Nose!”

“Here, write it down. It’ll help you remember.”

Ronnie tried not to stare as she wrote. Her letters were bubbly, just like the mystery note, but there weren’t any i’s in the word to see if she dotted with hearts.

“Okay, now spell ‘pickle.'”

No hearts. Ronnie’s heart sank. If it wasn’t Shae, who was it? While Shae snapped her brace bands and scanned the word list, he noticed something shiny on the floor.

Shae wasn’t really looking, so he ducked down and picked it up–it was a broken friendship bracelet. The beads had mostly fallen off, but the colors were the same as the ones in his note: pink, green, and orange. And the beads that were left spelled out part of a name: K-A-I.

Kaitlyn? Kailey? Ronnie couldn’t think of any other names with those three letters.

“Quiz time! Return to your seats.” Mrs. S swooshed to the front of the room in one of her huge flowy skirts.

Ronnie tucked the bracelet in his pocket and gave Shae a thumbs up. “You’ll do great.”

Shae looked like she was doing great. She wrote carefully with a smile through the whole quiz, but Ronnie couldn’t think about spelling at all. Not with an unsolved mystery on the brain. He went through every girls’ name in the room, just in case the letters were mixed up. There was a Kaitlyn, but she might spell it Caitlin, Ronnie wasn’t sure. Then there was Kira and Annika. That was it. Three possibilities. Unless…

Ronnie racked his memory for girls’ names in the other 6th grade classes, but he just didn’t know them all. There were more Kaitlyns for sure, but beyond that?

“Who knows?” Ronnie said out loud accidentally.

“Excuse me?” Mrs. S asked.

“Nothing.” Ronnie slumped down in his seat, sure his nose was redder than ever.

After class, he walked right into her.

“Sorry!” She yelped as papers went flying.

“No, that was my bad,” Ronnie ducked his head so maybe she wouldn’t make fun of his nose. He recognized the girl, but didn’t know her name. She’d always been the quiet type.

Then he saw the name on one of her papers. “Kaila?” he asked.

“Yeah… that’s me,” she said.

Ronnie fished the bracelet out of his pocket. “Um, is this yours?”

Kaila’s eyes widened. “You FOUND it! Where? when? It’s been missing for a week!”

She snatched the bracelet and danced around in a circle.

“Um, are green, pink, and orange your favorite colors, by any chance?” Ronnie asked.

“Of course! Why else would I make my lucky charm bracelet those colors?” Kaila danced away laughing, and Ronnie was left with the uneasy feeling that maybe, just maybe, he’d found the note-writer.







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