Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | September 20, 2010

Unicorn’s Rose

August 2010. The Rosette nebula in the Constellation Monoceros (unicorn).

Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA

The magic gathered in swirling pink and green clouds, twisting into deep passages in Una’s mind. Any other unicorn would see her standing in a maelstrom of colors and sparking, arching light.

But there were no other unicorns, just a small boy, and he saw only a bush of roses. He only felt a tickle, like his brain was about to sneeze.

He told his mother, “I think my brain might sneeze.”

“You’re such a silly boy!” she ruffled his hair, but didn’t notice that his hair stayed standing on end, charged with something other than electricity.

Una gazed in his direction and for a moment only, met his eyes. He thought he was looking at a butterfly flitting over a rosebush.

Una thought, but he’s too young!

She was talking to someone who wasn’t there, which is one of the magic things unicorns can do. The someone was a star, deep in outer space. The star and Una had been best of friends since Una was born in a clearing, and first opened her eyes to see this star hanging in the sky above.

The star spoke back, the message crossing millions of miles of space in an instant of quantum star magic. He’s the only one.

The star saw everything on this planet, and others, too. After all, from the star’s point of view, Earth was only one of many tiny grains of sand it watched spinning through its own sky.

But Earth was the only place where a unicorn could find a boy who might, possibly, believe. In all of vast space, this was the moment the star chose to watch, and it called to its friends and family, until all the stars turned their attention to the boy and his mother and the rosebush that wasn’t really a bush at all.

“Did it just get warmer?” The mother said, removing her jacket. It was daytime, so she couldn’t see all the watchful stars.

The boy looked up and thought he saw thousands of fireflies winking through the clouds. And his brain tickled again, then… sneezed.

The magic swirled from Una into him, filling his mind with sparks and colors, opening his imagination as wide as it could go, until he laughed.

“What is it?” the mother asked.

“The roses!” He giggled. “They aren’t flowers at all! And that’s not a butterfly!”

“What in the world are you talking about?”

He walked over and wrapped his arms around the bush, ignoring his mother’s shouts about thorns. He wasn’t hurt. Sinking into the soft silk of Una’s back and mane, he laughed again.

“It’s a unicorn!”

The stars flashed and twinkled and gasped in a brilliant explosion of celestial applause.

Una shimmered and shone with  star light, her laughter rippling across her coat in waves of pink.

Magic lived on.



  1. Nice picture and story, i love it. Thanks

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