Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | October 23, 2010

Many Pennies

October 22, 2010. Free Fall Friday Prompt from Kathy Temean & Betsy Devany

The kid with the back-bag was halfway up the stairs when I jumped right down from the tree – BAM – on his head!

He turned around and around, trying to get me off. But I am a very clever monkey. “Clever, clever monkey,” the boy always says. The music man just grunts and kicks at me, but he always misses. I am a fast monkey, too.

Fast, fast monkey! I screech and holler into the back-bag-kid’s ear. He’s whimpering now.

“Get it off! Get it off!”

Boy hold out his cup. Puts on his cutest monkey-face. Not as good as mine, but good enough to get a whole dollar from the back-bag kid.

He whistles, but he doesn’t really have to. As soon as the money hits the cup, show’s over. I hop down and sit at the boy’s feet.

“Ok, good trick with the monkey. But the music sucks.” Back-bag kid rushes up the stairs. Like he thinks I’ll attack again. He is a tourist, which means he is stupid.

I look up Music Man. His face doesn’t change, but his fingers go tight-tight on the accordian. He has pain in his fingers. That is what makes bad music. He calls it arthritis.

He tries to teach Boy, but Boy’s fingers are too small and fumbly. The boy is not his son. We came together, Boy and I. I was too small to remember it, but he tells me at night when we sleep in the place with many blankets and too much heat. There was called Colombia. Here is called Mexico City.

Music Man came from nowhere. He is always here, same place, every day. But he gives us the blankets room so we give him half the dollars. The other dollars get us FRUIT and NUTS and sometimes candy, which I don’t always like, but the boy giggles, so it makes me happy too.

I jump up on Boy and grab the dollar. Just to play. I tell him, “NUTS, please! Big cashews! Raisins, too!”

“Get that thing to stop cheeping and chirping and climb the tree. The people won’t come close, now,” says Music Man.

“Gimme the dollar. And get in the tree.” Boy commands.


“Ok, I promise, but be quiet!”

His face goes funny so I jump-quick, fast, fast monkey, and peer down from the branches.

Girl is coming.

She comes every day, same time. She always smiles at Boy, and always drops pennies. Sometimes only one, sometimes many that clink together. Music Man hates pennies, and Boy never spends them. He collects them in the blankets room, in stacks and piles.

Someday, he will have enough. We will go to America. We will have all the nuts and fruit and candy we can eat.

Girl drops a pocket-full of shiny pennies. She smiles and gets halfway up the stairs when she turns around pulls a small plum from her pocket.

“This is for your monkey.”

Girl is not so bad. She will go with us, I decide.



  1. Kathryn,

    You found a lot of creativity in this first page. I like the story. There are a couple of editing spots that you will find if you decide to write the rest. I definitely think you have the start of a good story. If you don’t write more right now, I would save it in a file and after doing 5 or 6 of the prompts see if one speaks to you.

    Good job!


  2. Kathryn,

    I really love how the boy saves his pennies. Also, the plum in the girl’s pocket, and the monkey as a mc. Very inventive!

    Thanks for sharing!


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