Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | January 31, 2011

Radar Rockefeller Part 2

Sleeping Dog
By Eugene0126jp [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Radar Rockefeller Part 1

Ms. Tan paused at the end of the hallway. “The dog can’t come with us.”

“Zeus goes everywhere with me. He doesn’t go, I don’t go.” Radar squinted his eyes and crinkled his nose up, ready for a fight. No one ever talked to him like this! Not even Zoe, though she sometimes kicked him in the shins when he did something stupid.

Ms. Tan drew herself up, somehow seeming even skinnier and pointier than before. One of her black high heeled boot tapped against the floor, and she nodded, once.

Zeus made a sound like “rowruuu!” and flopped to the ground.

“Zeus!” Radar crumpled next to his dog – pressing his face into the curly fur on the small dog’s chest.

“He’s just sleeping. You may take a nap here in the hallway with him if you wish.” Ms. Tan opened the door and walked through.

Radar looked from the open door to the sleeping dog and back again. Ms. Tan didn’t even turn around. The door started to close.

Radar’s eyes darted to the keypad—it wasn’t green anymore. When that door closed he’d be locked out here with Zeus. Would that mean he was fired? before he’d even started?

That would mean failing Zoe before he’d even tried to start.

The doors slid towards each other – only an inch of space still between them. But that was enough. Radar flicked one finger and the doors stopped. It was easy to pry one hand through and push. The reader next to the door started flashing red angrily and a calm voice warned, “malfunction! malfunction!”

Radar stumbled through into an octagonal room with a desk up against one wall. A large woman with bright orange hair erupting like a volcano from her head sat at the desk, staring at a wall of screens monitoring the surrounding hallways. Radar knew this because could see Zeus sleeping on the floor in one of them.

“You had to go and break the door?” Ms. Tan shook her head disapprovingly. She took out a phone and spoke a string of numbers then, “Maintenance to headquarters. Don’t mind the dog.”

Radar looked around. Across from the volcano-lady’s desk was an pair of open doors showing a conference room containing a long, black table. Four doors flanked the opening. Ms. Tan stepped toward one and opened it. “Your office.”

Radar walked toward the desk. It had his name on it—in fancy gold letters on a metal plaque: RADAR. The name he liked, not his real full name that his 6th grade teacher squeezed onto his stupid little kid desk in 4 point font that nobody could read. Rufus Alexander David A.. R..”

On top of the desk was a brand new laptop computer. It was midnight blue – his favorite color. Radar sat at the desk chair and spun around a few times just to test it out.

“Everything is to your liking?”

“Well…” Radar wondered if he should ask for his own snack machine in the corner. One with extra Twix bars and no sugar-free gum. And he could get a soda dispenser to go next to it – one of the ones that shows the drinks getting picked up by the metal hand then dropped into the slot. Sometimes Radar could make it move without putting any money in.

“You shouldn’t be drinking soda. Sugar isn’t good for your… abilities.”

“You — get out of my mind!”

“Don’t leave the door open.” Ms. Ran smirked and left the office. She didn’t close the door, so Radar blinked once and watched it slam shut. The bang wasn’t quite as loud as he had planned.

What next?

Radar opened the computer. It spoke. “Hello, Radar.”

“Um, hi.”

“Accessing new employee files.”

A folder opened up with a bunch of boring documents and videos named things like: learn to adjust your chair! NetSky surveillance – a system for your protection! and How to properly dispose of recyclables at a NetSky facility.

If that was what a real job was like, Radar thought he might want to go back to 6th grade. At least they had recess.

Just then. something dark flashed past the window. A bird?
The dark shape flashed again, this time bouncing up. No, much too big to be a bird.

The shape came back again, bouncing up just a bit before settling again.

It was Zoe. Upside-down with a bungee cord around one ankle. her hair was bright putple and arranged in one big spike straight up.

“Hey!” She shouted, then tapped on the window. “Can you hear me in there?”

“Loud and clear. You know there’s surveillance cameras everywhere.”

“Uh huh. That’s why I brought this.” She aimed a laser pointer straight at his eyes. “I transmitted a program that set them to running a loop of old footage from yesterday. So. Progress?”

“I’ve been here two minutes. I didn’t even start learning how to adjust my chair.”

“Where’s Zeus?”

“sleeping. No dogs in the office I guess.”

“That sucks. I was planning to have you tie a mic around his collar. No one would think twice about talking when a dog’s around. Hmm. Would they let a cat in? Or maybe we should use a mouse!”

“Um, Zoe?” Radar kept one eye – and his mind – on the door. If it started to move, he was planning to hold it there and give his sister a chance to escape. “Maybe you shouldn’t – hang around too long?”

“Haha! hang around!” She spun around at the end of her bungee cord. “No problem brother-o – off I go!” And she zipped up and away.



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