Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | February 7, 2011

Radar Rockefeller, Part 1A

Radar Rockefeller hunched over his game pad, skinny fingers flicking across the screen about as gracefully as spiders trying to ice skate. If he could just get past the poison spikes and make the jump over the lava and… Dum-dummm went the music and the screen dripped with red globs.

“I died!” He flopped backward on the sofa, hands clutched over his face, fingertips digging into his forehead. “Arrrrrgggh!!!”

“If you’re dead, you won’t mind if I sit here.” Radar took his hands off his face long enough to see his sister Dee’s gigantic butt looming in front of his face.

“Ewww! Away! Away! A-wuuumf…” It was too late. Radar struggled to believe as she squished his face deeper into the sofa. He heard giggles – must be the other sisters. He had five total, and they usually traveled in packs – like hyenas.

Well, Dee had asked for it.

Radar squinted one eye, stretched his brain just right, and pushed. He didn’t use his hands—he didn’t have to.

He had mind-power.

All 250 pounds of Dee went flying right into Mom’s prized potted African fuschia tree. Snap went the branches and Dee was covered in bright yellow leaves. She sputtered and heaved, trying to get herself up.

“My… beloved fuschia!?” Mom stepped into the room, hands wet and soapy from washing dishes.

Radar jumped up to flee the scene of the crime, but the hyenas surrounded him, all shaking their heads in disapproval. “He did it! He used his mind-power! He wasn’t cleaning his room, he was playing that video game!”

“Is it true?”

The girls all nodded so hard Radar thought their heads might fall off. Dee was back with the pack, and yellow leaves fluttered everywhere around her.

Radar shrugged. “She sat on me.”

“Is that true?”

This time, the girls all tried very hard not to make eye contact, all except Zoe, who was only one year older than Radar. “Yeah, he didn’t mean to push so hard. Right?”

Radar shook his head. “Uh-uh.”

Mom made a hmmmm sound.  “You’d better practice. Ms. Tan won’t like to see your abilities so… uncontrolled. Dee, please resume your position. Anna, Belle, and Chloe, you’re next. Zoe, help me move the plants.”

“What?!” Radar tried to run, but the girls all piled on top of him all at once. Why can’t this be a normal house? Radar wondered as a high-heeled shoe dug into his side. Why didn’t Mom just send me to my room?

He couldn’t see anything, but he heard the scraping as Mom and Zoe moved the plants away. They were probably setting up pillows as a landing zone. It had happened before.

All I wanted to do was spend the afternoon beating Morph Explorer… Radar tried to turn his head to breathe, but all he got for his efforts was a squashed nose.

“Grrrr… get off!” Radar pushed with his arms, hoping he could at least get them off-balance. No luck. Then he realized Chloe’s knee was right near his left hand.

“Tickle attack!” He shouted, and soon the girls were scattered and squealing.

Mom was not happy. She bit the bottom of her lip and twisted one strand of hair.

“We’re meeting with Ms. Tan tomorrow. Tickling will not impress her. Go to your room. Now.”

Radar grabbed for his game pad, but mom held out her hand.

Reluctantly, he gave it up. Sorry Morph Explorer. I’ll beat you soon.

Radar went to his room. The only things to do there was toss a nerf ball into the hoop on the back of the door. Again and again and again. He never missed. If the ball was starting to go off track, he could tweak it a little. If he throw it too low, he could boost it up high. There was no fun in that, not really. Not like Morph Explorer, where his mind-power did absolutely nada. There was no moving a dude made of pixels with your mind – and Radar had tried. He’d broken three game screens trying.

Until he realized, the reason he liked video games so much more than real life was that his power didn’t work. He couldn’t cheat. Just like every other kid out there, he had to try again and again to get something just right.

And tomorrow, Ms. Tan would take him away from anything like a normal life as a normal kid. Of course, she’d also take him away from the hyena sisters. That wouldn’t be so bad!

“Hey Zeus,” Radar called his dog—a yellow mutt with super furry legs. “Catch!”

He threw the ball, then made it zip around and around in a spiral while Zeus chased. It was their favorite game.

“When I’m a secret spy intern, you’ll be my secret spy dog, OK boy?”

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