About this Blog

Visible Thought is about moments. Moments captured in an image, then explored in words. The artist Paul Klee said,“Kunst gibt nicht das Sichtbare wieder, sondern macht sichtbar.” (Art does not reproduce the Visible; rather, it makes visible.) These images are not just copies of things I’ve seen; in their existence as images they weave new stories.

When I post, I first choose an image, then write whatever story comes into my head. Some images will be drawings or paintings, others photographs. Most of what I write is fantasy or fiction for kids, since I hope to one day be a published children’s author. However, poetry, true stories, and fiction for other audiences all sneak in from time to time.

Most of this will never be made into more polished works of fiction. But there are a few posts that I plan to explore more in depth, and hopefully turn into novels someday. These are the seeds of ideas, and take less than an hour to write. It’s all about practice, raw creativity, and of course: making stuff visible.



  1. Great idea! And first rate execution. Two thumbs up!

  2. I cannot believe you haven’t published! This is really great writing. It’s too bad not all of them will be developed, given they are all such great beginnings.

    I will be coming back!

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