Posted by: Kathryn Hulick | October 29, 2010

Bridge in Autumn

Northborough, Massachusetts. October 26, 2010.

I found a back way to work that sends me beneath this gorgeous bridge… I drove past each day wishing I could stop and paint, so when I walked out of the house this past Tuesday morning to discover it was actually warm out, I ran back in, grabbed my paint and  a change of clothes, and went to work. I left 15 minutes early, and pulled over on a dead end road near the bridge. I then proceeded to pull my painting pant and shirt on over my nice work clothes.

I painted from  5 to 6 pm. It was a feverish hour — the sun was setting fast, and the light on the bridge was only like I wanted it for a short while. Thankfully I had my camera and worked from the picture towards the end.

I still want to work on this a little. I think I need to add some more tree tops in the upper left corner. It doesn’t look realistic that there is orange beneath the bridge but none above…



  1. oooh I like how the water looks!

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